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How to Link Student Personas to Your Recruitment Strategy

Creating student personas is a tedious task for sure, but they allow you to customize your recruitment strategy with powerful content. Read More


Why a Content Calendar Helps Your SEO

Fresh, frequent, original content is king, and the more you produce, the higher your chances are to rank on search engines. A content calendar helps to do just that: plan and create content that will drive results. Read More


Marketing to Millennials Through Inspiration

Millennials want more than a job when they graduate, they want to make an indelible mark. Traditional marketing really doesn't apply here: they want to be inspired. But what I didn’t expect was how telling stories about students and recent college graduates would inspire me. Read More


How to Build a Real Estate Development Marketing Strategy

Real estate development marketing needs to create a sense of place that’s desirable to potential buyers, so in order to do so, you need a digital strategy that incorporates brand, web design, search marketing and online lead generation. Read More

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A Millennial’s Perspective On Recruiting Millennials

You’re recruiting millennials, and while we’ve proven to revolutionize the way we communicate, you’re still using traditional methods. We’re a hard code to crack, so start with these 3 characteristics to better understand. Read More


Millennials Expect More From Business. And That’s a Good Thing.

In the US, Millennials currently make up 25% of the total population. If you don’t get to know what makes this generation tick, and how to market to them, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Read More


Why is Digital Strategy So Hard?

Today, the term digital strategy is thrown around quite a bit, but there is still some confusion of what it really means. I'll walk you through some tactics that we use here at Merge to help craft a strategy that works for you. Read More

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CASE District IV: Merge Speaks on Alumni Relations

This year, Merge will be speaking on alumni relations at CASE District IV in Austin, TX. Mark your calendars: Sunday, April 12th @ 3:15 p.m. Stop by booth #124. Read More


4 Tips to Better Engage Alumni on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn alumni page has the power to reunite and rally past students, but if your posts are a dud, you'll lose them. Read more on how to better engage alumni on LinkedIn. Read More

Content First

Is Content First a Myth?

A content first strategy helps to contextualize what the design means- showing real assets of how the site will flow and function. But after doing it for a while, we've seen the pros and cons. Read More

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