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Why People Flock to Brands that Give a Damn

The recent growth of companies and start ups with a cause based mission is dizzying.  And while we may think this is a recent trend, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been around for decades. But what has changed is the level at which CSR is now almost demanded by the public.  In the past, companies did... Read More

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Why Purpose Is Becoming Business’ #1 Priority

In business school, I was taught, “The number one goal of a company is to maximize shareholder profit.” And for quite some time, I–nor anyone else for that matter–never really questioned that assertion. We just put our heads down and start maximizing. And for the most part, that’s how the majority of companies operate today.... Read More

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Social Campaigns With Purpose: Make-A-Wish

All of these experiences and stories provide opportunities for amazing content that can be re-purposed for many types of digital channels. What better way to tell this story than through video? Read More


How to Link Student Personas to Your Recruitment Strategy

Creating student personas is a tedious task for sure, but they allow you to customize your recruitment strategy with powerful content. Read More


Why a Content Calendar Helps Your SEO

Fresh, frequent, original content is king, and the more you produce, the higher your chances are to rank on search engines. A content calendar helps to do just that: plan and create content that will drive results. Read More


Marketing to Millennials Through Inspiration

Millennials want more than a job when they graduate, they want to make an indelible mark. Traditional marketing really doesn't apply here: they want to be inspired. But what I didn’t expect was how telling stories about students and recent college graduates would inspire me. Read More


How to Build a Real Estate Development Marketing Strategy

Real estate development marketing needs to create a sense of place that’s desirable to potential buyers, so in order to do so, you need a digital strategy that incorporates brand, web design, search marketing and online lead generation. Read More

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A Millennial’s Perspective On Recruiting Millennials

You’re recruiting millennials, and while we’ve proven to revolutionize the way we communicate, you’re still using traditional methods. We’re a hard code to crack, so start with these 3 characteristics to better understand. Read More


Millennials Expect More From Business. And That’s a Good Thing.

In the US, Millennials currently make up 25% of the total population. If you don’t get to know what makes this generation tick, and how to market to them, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Read More


Why is Digital Strategy So Hard?

Today, the term digital strategy is thrown around quite a bit, but there is still some confusion of what it really means. I'll walk you through some tactics that we use here at Merge to help craft a strategy that works for you. Read More

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