Penguin Update

3 Things You Need to Know about the New Penguin Update

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College Marketing in a Digital World

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The One Thing to Know Before You Promote a Tweet

Promoted tweets aren’t cheap, and they are gaining popularity from brands of all sizes. In recent days though, I’ve seen what I would consider a major mistake. Read More


5 Reasons Vine Makes Perfect Sense for Higher Ed

Twitter recently released Vine, a new service that allows users to produce animated GIF like videos that play on a 6 second loop.  There are some natural questions that may pop into your mind about the service, such as “what can you really accomplish in 6 seconds?”, and “how good can production quality be if... Read More

Do You Need to Have a Mobile Solution?

5 Digital Must Dos for Higher Education, Part 3

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Building a Mobile Marketing Game Plan

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Web Design Trends 2013

Web Design Trends for 2013 and Beyond

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Eric Evans SEO Expert Google Authorship

Google Authorship: Verification Benefits

Google authorship can tie content you create to your online identity. Read More

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The Slow but Necessary Death of Print

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5 Digital Must Dos for Higher Ed, Part 2

Content production and publishing, as well as social media for Higher Ed Read More