Lots of companies make websites.
we make them make money.

We have a mantra at Merge, that once a website is launched, the real work begins. After all, a website is a tactic in the grand scheme of things. But long-term success comes from testing different tactics with different audiences, measuring goals and conversions, adapting and changing to maximize the returns. The end goal: making your bottom line a lot more black.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Creating good content is difficult, we aren't going to lie. Also, determining the type of content that is appropriate for your company and its audience isn't easy either. As part of our Digital Strategy process, we'll determine what types of content will yield the greatest return. Then we'll dive into creating beautiful infographics, expert blog posts and whitepapers, case studies that highlight your competitive advantages, and photography that showcase who you are.

Social Media

Social Media

There's a new social media network born every day. It can seem a little intimidating, quite frankly. Maybe you've got your head around Facebook and Twitter, but does everyone really need a Pinterest page?

Our answer: Do the people who buy from you actually spend time there? Picking which social channels make the most sense for your company is half the battle, and figuring out what to say can seem like a war unto itself. Our Digital Strategy Process will help you cut through the noise. We'll find your audience and help you build engaging content to amplify your message and bring you closer to your fans.

Digital Media and Paid Search Marketing

Digital Media & Paid Search Marketing

In front of your prospects, when they're ready.

Potential customers are ready to buy your products or services, but do they know your company provides exactly what they're looking for?

Paid digital media and search marketing provide an opportunity to stay in front of potential customers at the stage of the purchase cycle that may matter the most, the one where people buy. Targeting prospects through pay-per-click campaigns, site and search retargeting and banner ads are the core of a successful paid digital media strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Google's second page of results is a No Man's Land.

How many times do you search for something in a day? How often do you go past the first page of results? Search engine optimization has been and continues to be the fastest growing segment in advertising. Higher search rankings can mean the difference between a successful digital strategy and one that fails.

Merge, a certified Google Adwords and Google Analytics partner, will conduct the keyword research, analyze your competitor's search strengths and weaknesses, and build out a search engine strategy that will actually drive more revenue.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Beautiful, Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Inboxes are getting more full by the day. Carefully crafted content, aimed at the right audience, is the only way to ensure your message is read. Whether you are generating new leads, or nurturing existing customers, we'll segment and manage the subscribers, design and produce the content, quality control test across all browsers and email clients, and schedule and deploy your email marketing campaigns.

From there, measurement and optimization begins. Campaigns are thoroughly tested, lists are scrubbed to ensure safe sends every time (nobody likes a spammer), and the content is repurposed for a healthy boost of SEO. And then we do it all again.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Sure, you can bang on the phones all day, continuing to harass your potential customers, but wouldn't it be so much easier to drop them a timely, relevant note from time to time? Merge will analyze your customer base, create and curate relevant, expert content, and push it out via the right social, email and web channels. We'll analyze what works best, adapt and improve. All you need to do is sit back and watch your sales increase.

Reporting and Analytics


Performance comes from Analytic Review, Interpretation and Iterative Improvement.

What you measure, you manage. The web brings to marketers the holy grail of measurable results. Landing pages are created, messages validated, users tracked, and conversions analyzed.

Merge, with our Google Analytics certified specialists, creates custom dashboards that our Account Executives review with you monthly. We break the data down, make recommendations to improve performance, and then set the goals and objectives for iterative improvement and long-term success

The Impact We Can Make

Acquire New Customers & Increase Sales

Attract new inbound leads to your website and turn them into your best customers and brand advocates.

Create & Improve Brand Awareness

From start-ups to established companies, the first step in landing new customers is letting them know you exist.

Improve Business Operations

We create custom, scalable, web-based software to manage sales forces and push real time product updates to resellers.

We plan and execute strategies to solve real business challenges.

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